About Us

Welcome to EcoFo (Eco-Friendly Faux Fur). Our team has committed themselves to making EcoFo the best source for environmentally friendly rugs. We specialize in faux fur rugs for every taste and style. Here you'll find area rugs for every room, and animal shaped children's rugs made from environmentally safe faux fur.

Our selection of faux fur rugs are made in France to strict quality standards, with no use of animal fur whatsoever. The EcoFo buyers make sure our suppliers believe in environmentally conscious manufacturing; we believe in responsible retailing. Every rug is backed by the Oeko Tex 100 standard. The Oeko Tex 100 standard provides an independent testing mechanism for textile products to confirm that they are truly environmentally friendly.

Every aspect of what we do at EcoFo conveys quality and style. We take a lot of pride in our website. Our goal is to put you together with our rugs from the moment you land on the home page. Check-out our high definition images which shows a close-up of each and every rug so you can see the high quality of our products for yourself.

We've recently expanded our rug selection beyond faux fur and added a new, and very special, selection of area rugs. Small children need a comfortable and safe place to play on the floor. Our "Happy as Larry" collection of Nepalese felt ball children's area rugs make for an attractive and comfortable play area. Made by hand in Nepal, this new line is made from 100% high grade wool from New Zealand, making for a cushiony soft surface for little ones' fun and play. Just like our other rugs, "Happy as Larry" felt ball rugs are eco-friendly and use Azo free dyes. In Nepal, the tradition of making rugs and other items out of felt dates back centuries. Each ball in our felt rug collection is hand stitched together (not glued). They are both durable and nontoxic.

Thank you for visiting EcoFo. Be sure to use the phone number at the top of the page or our Contact page if you have any questions.