Faux Fur Super Soft and Silky Area Rug Witn Non Slip Backing and Machine Washable

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AMAZINGLY SOFT and PLUSH HIGH PILE Faux Sheepskin Rug. If you're looking for the SILKIEST, SOFTEST rugs for your living room - a sheep skin area rug so plush it MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'RE PETTING an ARCTIC POLAR BEAR - then you'll want to consider this rug a top contender. It's GORGEOUS and piled just high enough to make it enjoyable to lounge on, without the tricky clean-up. EASIEST TO CLEAN, SAFEST TO USE, with NON-SLIP BACKING and requires NO SPECIAL CARE. Simply pull it out of its protective packaging, give it a quick vacuum to pull up any stray hairs then simply TOSS IT IN THE WASHING MACHINE because yes, it's MACHINE WASHABLE when you want it deeply cleaned, and your sheepskin rug will COME OUT LOOKING LIKE NEW!